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Previously available only to PGA Tour and LPGA professionals, the MAT-T system at Glen Abbey provides golfers with "Golf's Ultimate Fitting Experience" where every nuance of the swing is measured, analyzed and interpreted.  For the fitting process, the golfer wears reflective markers that are placed on strategic points on the body as well as on the fitting club. Six separate high-speed cameras capture the motion of the reflectors and instantaneously produce a three-dimensional image of the golfer. This 3-D image can be viewed from any angle and is used to demonstrate what your swing is doing dynamically. The image can easily be manipulated to provide valuable feedback for you to better understand the golfer's swing characteristics.

During the fitting, the golfer will hit a wedge, 6-iron, driver and putter specifically designed for the fitting.  From the data taken from each swing/stoke of the fitting tools, the data is then calculated and processed to come up with the best fitted clubs for the golfer's swing. Once all swings have been captured, the golfer is then given the opportunity to validate the recommended clubs using TaylorMade's unique Select Fit System. In addition to determining the best clubs for each golfer, TaylorMade's MAT-T(i) system will collect  images taken post-impact calculating ball speed, spin rate and launch angle to determine which ball in the TaylorMade family best fits the golfer's game.

Each full fitting session is about two hours.  One-hour fittings are also available for golfers interested in being fit specifically for: Driver or Iron or Wedge and Putter.  After each fitting, the golfer is supplied with a take-home package of:

* Custom club specs recommended for ordering your new clubs.

* Data sheets containing fitting data of each swing.

* CD-ROM of all session captures to be viewed at home or with an instructor.

* A TaylorMade Players Gift

For more information on the TaylorMade Performance Lab at Glen Abbey, visit or call 1-800-668-9883 ext. 4